Glenview Adventist Academy
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5th & 6th Grades
Dear Parents and students,
Welcome to this new school year!
I hope you had a restful and fun summer all along. Time has come to reunite all of us together for another year of an enriching learning experience.
This year we are implementing some changes that are driven to show excellence in our school. Starting with our school logo that will be seen in our polo shirts everyday.  We want you bear in mind that being a student at GAA is a privilege and also a responsibility. That’s why in the school logo that you will wear in your heart side of your shirt states “Teaching Values, Aiming for Eternity”.
Also this year we are introducing a new platform technology that will seek to offer a more complete academic service to you. Every student, under certain clear expectations, will be handled an I-pad mini to be used during class period for educational purposes. At the same time four Mac Mini centers have been installed in 5th through 8th grade classrooms with the purpose of offering a more enriching learning experience.
We will navigate through the different contents of this year with responsibility and fun. We are also going to experience a close connection with Jesus, from whom every blessing and knowledge comes from.
Get ready! We are about to start a wonderful journey together.
May God bless you richly,
Mr. Lista

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