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Pay Tuition and Make Donations Online

Thank you for visiting our website and using our online payment services ot pay your tuition and other fees and/or make a donation to our school.

Payments can be made by electronic check, debit card, or credit card.  There is no charge to you to make a payment or a donation online.  However, there are charges to the school.  Most of them are minimal, with the exception of rewards credit cards.  Therefore, we would encourage you to make a payment or donation by electronic check, debit card, or a non-rewards credit card.

Make a payment or donation

If you have any questions or problems making a payment or donation, please let us know immediately.

Mail in your monthly payment or donations to:

Glenview Adventist Academy
Attn: Xiomara Manzo
6801 N. 43rd Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85019

For a Arizona Tax Credit Donation, please send your payments directly to:
Arizona Adventist Scholarships Inc.
PO Box 12340
Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2340

or make an online payment at:

 You may include a suggested School (Optional) and suggested Student (Optional).

Thank you for your commitment to Adventist Education!